Trainwreck Tour 2014

As the sun set this past Saturday, the air inside Inner Peaks buzzed with excitement. The show at the end of three months’ worth of bouldering competitions was about to begin. With the crowd gathered to watch Finals, the music pumping, and the competitors waiting in isolation it was hard to believe that just six months earlier the Trainwreck Tour was little more than an idea.

The namesake of the competition—Stephen ‘Trainwreck’ Meinhold—brought the idea of a three-part bouldering series with ...

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Monday night yoga classes, beginning March 3rd

Join us for a new yoga class on Monday nights from 6:30-7:45 beginning March 3rd with Sybil Nance. Yoga is free for members and included with a day pass.

Steady and Strong Flow Yoga
This class will challenge you and bring you to a place of awareness so the body can unwind and re-pattern itself in the aspects of flexibility and strength needed to bring about a calm, engaged, focused self ready to tackle the life you want to live!
About Sybil:
Sybil ...
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Time to get onboard the Train Wreck Tour!

Trainwreck Logo LoRes


The Train Wreck Tour is about to roll into its first stop at Iron Palm Bouldering in Asheville, NC.  We have had an overwhelming response for this event. There are only 30 spots left, so we highly recommend pre-registering.


Here are the details:

Tour Stop 1: Asheville, NC

Where: Iron Palm Bouldering

Date: February 8th 2014

Cost: $45


This will be a redpoint format competition with a Recreational, Intermediate and Open divisions for both men ...

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