Whether you’re a kid or all grown up, everybody has to start somewhere and Inner Peaks Climbing Center is a great place to start rock climbing. We have the gear, the instructors, the terrain to get you climbing in little time. And thanks to a supportive climbing community, learning at Inner Peaks is fun.


We can get you climbing in about 15 minutes … and for just $29. Our Individual First-Timers Climbing package includes:

  • Individual Daypass ($16)
  • Harness ($4)
  • Shoes ($4)
  • Gri-Gri lesson ($5)

You’ll need a qualified belayer (the person handling the ropes) with you to climb, so make sure you bring along a friend or other adult to climb with. You can come anytime we’re open and your Daypass is good for the day, so stay as long as you like.
All participants are required to have a completed Inner Peaks eWaiver.  If you’re under the age of 18, make sure your eWaiver is completed by your parent.

UNDER THE AGE OF 12 and want to climb? No problem.

12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
The Adult must either learn to belay (handle the ropes) for the Child by taking our 15-minute Gri-Gri lesson or be able to pass a belay check administered by one of our staff. The Gri-Gri lesson and harness rental for the Adult will cost $9:

  • Gri-Gri lesson ($5)
  • Harness rental ($4)

The Junior Daypass and harness rental fee for the child will cost $17. Shoes are an optional rental.

  • Junior Daypass ($13)
  • Harness ($4)
  • OPTIONAL: Shoes ($4)

An adult belayer (rope handler) will be unable to climb unless they have another adult who is belay certified with them and they pay the $16 day pass fee.

ARE YOU AGE 12 OR OLDER? We can get you going right away too!

The Individual Daypass and harness rental fee for ages 12 and up is $20. Shoes are an optional rental for you too.

  • Individual Daypass ($16)
  • Harness ($4)
  • OPTIONAL: Shoes ($4)
  • OPTIONAL: Gri-Gri lesson ($5)

Children 12 and over are allowed to take the gri-gri lesson (rope handling lesson), but will have to demonstrate to our staff that they have the focus and skills to belay safely. If there is any doubt, the child will not be allowed to belay for safety reasons and a parent or other adult should be prepared to take over the rope handling duties.

Important information to make your check-in more efficient and your climbing experience more comfortable.

All participants are required to have a completed Inner Peaks E-WAIVER. Please complete your E-WAIVER in advance to save time as you check in. ALL CLIMBERS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 MUST HAVE OUR E-WAIVER COMPLETED BY THEIR PARENT OR GUARDIAN.
A minimum adult to child ratio of 1:3 must be maintained. If your children are very young or high maintenance, you should bring additional adults to supervise. The rope handler’s attention must be 100% on the climber, and young children must be properly supervised to maintain a safe climbing environment for all our customers.


We recommend that First-Time Climbers wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. We are fully climate controlled, so folks are usually comfortable climbing in shorts and a T-shirts, but no short-shorts (the climbing harness will feel very uncomfortable) or blue jeans (it’s hard to move). Sweat pants and shirt or any loose fitting clothing makes a good secondary option.
Adults and Kids can easily climb in a pair of comfortable, tight fitting athletic shoes. We do offer specialized climbing shoes for rent that provide more secure footing on the wall. If you choose to rent climbing shoes, please bring socks.

For your safety and convenience, any groups of 9 or more participants must be scheduled in advance.


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