Before cancelling your membership, please understand that you can freeze it temporarily. This may be a more compatible solution for your plans. Go here to freeze a membership. If you do wish to terminate your membership, simply complete the following Termination Request form.

termination request


I am hereby requesting that the Membership and/or Team session(s) be terminated as indicated below.

Individual or Primary Household Member Name

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Name of Household Additional being Terminated

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Please select what month your would like to terminate your membership.

•I will no longer be eligible for Membership or Team Benefits.
•My termination is not effective until a Termination Request has been submitted and received by Inner Peaks, per my membership contract.
•As a Primary Member responsible for a Family or Household membership, when I terminate all members associated with my account will also be terminated.
•As a Household Member, I may terminate my membership independent of the Primary Member.
•Termination Request must be received by the 20th of the month prior to Termination Effective date.
•No refunds are made for Termination Requests received after the 20th of the month.
•Should I determine at a future date to resume my membership, I may be required to pay a membership join fee.
By providing my signature, I acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined herein.


Please acknowledge terms by entering your name. If membership account name and date of birth do not match, this Termination Request will be voided.

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If you are not sent to a Confirmation page, please call 704-844-6677 or 980-242-3244 for assistance.