Going out of town? Just too busy? Don’t give up climbing, freeze your membership. You have an unlimited number of freezes during a the year. Simply complete the Freeze Request Form below by the 20th of the prior month, and it will cost you only $10 a month for the freeze period.

freeze request form


I am hereby requesting that the Membership and/or Team session(s) be frozen as indicated below, and I recognize that the Membership and/or Team session(s) will remain frozen only for the months selected.

Individual or Household Primary Member Name

Please enter the name of the Primary Membership Account Holder

SELECT Freeze Type


Please select what service you wish to Freeze.

Please select ALL months you wish to Freeze. Services are NOT frozen indefinitely and will resume billing on the 1st of the month for any months not selected.

FREEZE REQUESTS must be submitted and received by the 20th of the month prior to requested freeze month(s) to be honored.
ONLY Individual, Family, and Household Primary members are eligible to Freeze their memberships for an unlimited number of calendar months, not to exceed 6 consecutive months per submission*. My Freeze(s) is not effective until a Freeze Request has been submitted by the Individual/Primary or Family member. Inner Peaks Staff are not permitted to submit freeze requests for members. I will not be billed membership dues for the month(s) nor will I have to pay a join fee to restart my membership. As a Household Primary Member responsible for a Family or Household membership, when I freeze, all household additional members associated with my account will also be frozen. A Household Member may NOT freeze his/her membership independent of the Household Primary Member.
A $10/month Freeze Fee applies and will be collected in lieu of my monthly membership drafts. TEAM ONLY: I am eligible to Freeze my TEAM session(s) only 3 consecutive months before being removed from the Team session roster. TEAM ONLY: There is NO fee to freeze a Team session. Any member may climb when a Membership is Frozen by paying regular daypass & rental fees. A Membership may be THAWED at any time by paying the regular Monthly Dues in full; said Member will be refunded the $10 Freeze fee for said month. Freezing is NOT to be construed as Termination of Membership or Team session. *Freezes are not to exceed 6 consecutive months per submission. To avoid confusion, membership requests received in excess of 6 months will be automatically terminated on the 7th month after the 6 consecutive Freezes.


Please acknowledge terms by entering your name. If membership account name, ID, and date of birth do not match, this Freeze Request will be voided.

Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)

Please enter primary account holder’s date of birth.

Account Holder’s Email

Please enter primary account holder’s email address for confirmation.


If you are not sent to a Confirmation page, please call 704-844-6677 or 980-242-3244 for assistance.