Whether you want to learn to climb or develop your skills, you’ve found the right place. Inner Peaks offers a variety of instruction to help get you where you want to go! Our guides and instructors are experienced climbers and undergo rigorous training before leading any classes. Equipment is state-of-the-art and inspected regularly. See below to explore all the great ways you can learn to climb at Inner Peaks.


For just $35 you can take Intro To Climbing, which will teach you everything you need to know to climb safely at an indoor facility.

  • It is ideal for climbers ages 16 and older.
  • You will learn basic belay and rope management procedures, as well as essential climbing techniques.
  • The class meets most Saturdays at 1:00pm and lasts approximately 2 to 3 hours.

Class size is limited, so we recommend you pre-register to guarantee your place in the class.



Do you enjoy climbing but feel like your development has plateaued? New to climbing and mystified about what a gaston or dyno is, but interested in finding out? Want to meet new people who share your passion for climbing? Returning after a break and need to polish your technique? Then Peak Performance – Basics is for you! Take your climbing to the next level with these great 2.5-hour mini clinics.


  • Efficient footwork is the basis of all good climbing technique, which is why we begin the Technique Basics series with this class.
  • Climbers of all ability levels will benefit from the drills and exercises taught in this clinic.
  • The instructor will cover foot placement, balance, when and how to switch feet, edging, smearing and stemming.
  • You will learn to flow effortlessly from foothold to foothold.
  • After you take this class, you will really know what to do when some tells you to “use your feet!”


  • So now you know how to use your feet, what about the rest of your body? And how do you actually flow through the climbing sequences?
  • In this clinic, you will learn to utilize the different types of hand holds you run across when you climb, including those dreaded slopers, underclings, edges, side pulls, pockets and pinches.
  • You will also learn why you want to rest on straight arms, how to back step, and how to sequence hand holds for best results.



  • It is very important to develop good climbing technique early on, but you will probably get to a point where you feel you need more strength in order to climb your projects.
  • Training for climbing can be complicated, and it’s easy to lose motivation. So let us help! Come to our Physical Conditioning class for a real, climbing specific workout.
  • This won’t be a talking class, so come dressed to exercise and bring water!

We recommend that you take the mini clinics in order, as the skills do build on each other from month to month, but you are free to pick and choose individual classes in whatever sequence works for you. Each mini clinic costs $20 (Inner Peaks Members get 20% discount), or you can purchase as a series and save!

Pre-registration is required!



If you get busy and have to cancel a class, no problem. Inner Peaks offers a generous policy of a full refund with cancellations made at least 48 hours prior to scheduled class.