It’s amazing how fast kids abandon the 3DS when there’s a more exciting alternative—like climbing at Inner Peaks. Offering fitness, mental acuity, dexterity, socializing (and let’s not forget fun), indoor and outdoor climbing at Inner Peaks is just what today’s kids will dig.

Birthdays are BIG at Inner Peaks

No matter the age, we have the Party for you!
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Rock Climbing is one of few sports that teach responsibility through safety, self-esteem through achievement and strength, both physically and mentally. It is also an ambidextrous sport which aids in the development of a child’s muscular system.


Kids thrive on challenge! Rock climbing is a unique and exciting experience that provides both a mental and physical workout as well as loads of fun in a structured environment. Climbing is an entertaining way to build fitness, trust, self-esteem, teamwork and communication skills. Check out our variety of Summer Camps to see which one best suits your child.

NEW ROCKERS (Ages 7-10) WALL CRAWLERS (Ages 9-14) ROCK JOCKS (Ages 12 & Up)


Do you have a summer day trip to plan? Are you a Youth Group coordinator in need of that awesome activity? Looking for something to do that day off school?

We are the climbing place for you!

We have climbing programs to accommodate larger groups with special pricing to go along with it!
Check out our Kids Group Options


Boy Scouts Climbing Merit Badge: Option 1

This Merit Badge Option meets all of the minimum climbing requirements for the Climbing Merit Badge in a single indoor day program!
$50 per person for 5-10 participants.
$25 for each additional participant.
(Minimum of 5 participants).

BSA Climbing Merit Badge: Option 2

Option 2 is a one and a half day program that takes Option 1 to the next level: real rock! A half day is spent indoors here at Inner Peaks teaching those basic climbing requirements that prepare you for climbing outdoors on the real rock. The full day you’ll spend at Crowder’s Mountain where you will tackle longer more challenging climbs and rappels.
$100 per person for 6-8 participants.
$50 for each additional participant.
(Minimum of 6 participants. Maximum of 12 participants for outdoor programs).
If your Troop or Pack is just looking for a climbing outing, ask about our Kids Climb or Basic Peak Party – it may be the climbing option for you.

Girl Scout High Adventure Interest Project: Rock Climbing

We have customized an indoor program to meet the climbing requirements of the High Adventure Interest Patch. The program entails about 5 hours of instruction covering the basics of climbing, equipment requirements and putting those skills into action!
$45 per person for 5-10 participants.
$22.50 for each additional participant.
(Minimum of 5 participants).
If your Scouts or Junior Scouts are just looking for a climbing outing, the Kids Climb or Basic Peak Party may be the climbing option for you.
A 50% deposit based on maximum numbers is required to reserve a program. This deposit is fully refundable if cancellation is made at least two weeks prior to your scheduled program date. Should you reschedule within two weeks of your program, you may reschedule one time only a like program upon receipt of a $50 rescheduling fee. Instructor fees ($50/instuctor) may apply for day-of decreases in numbers, reschedules, or cancellations.


UNDER THE AGE OF 14 and want to climb? No problem.

Ages 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
The Adult must either learn to belay (handle the ropes) for the Child by taking our 15-minute Gri-Gri lesson or be able to pass a belay check administered by one of our staff to handle the ropes for kids ages 13 & under. The Gri-Gri lesson and harness rental for the Adult will cost $9:

  • Gri-Gri lesson ($5)
  • Harness rental ($4)

The Junior Daypass (Age 11-) and harness rental fee for the child will cost $19. Shoes are an optional rental.

  • Junior Daypass (Age 11-) ($15)
  • Harness ($4)
  • OPTIONAL: Shoes ($4)

An adult belayer (rope handler) will be unable to climb unless they have another adult who is belay certified with them and they pay the $18 day pass fee.
ARE YOU AGE 12 OR OLDER? We can get you going right away too!
The Individual Daypass (Ages 12+) and harness rental fee for ages 12 and up is $22. Shoes are an optional rental for you too.

  • Individual Daypass (Ages 12+)  ($18)
  • Harness ($4)
  • OPTIONAL: Shoes ($4)
  • OPTIONAL: Gri-Gri lesson (Ages 14+)  ($5)

Children ages 14 and over are allowed to take the gri-gri lesson (rope handling lesson), but will have to demonstrate to our staff that they have the focus and skills to belay safely. If there is any doubt, the child will not be allowed to belay for safety reasons and a parent or other adult should be prepared to take over the rope handling duties.

Important information to make your check-in more efficient and your climbing experience more comfortable.

All participants are required to have a completed Inner Peaks E-WAIVER. Please complete your E-WAIVER in advance to save time as you check in. ALL CLIMBERS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 MUST HAVE OUR E-WAIVER COMPLETED BY THEIR PARENT OR GUARDIAN.
A minimum adult to child ratio of 1:3 must be maintained. If your children are very young or high maintenance, you should bring additional adults to supervise. The rope handler’s attention must be 100% on the climber, and young children must be properly supervised to maintain a safe climbing environment for all our customers.
For your safety and convenience, any groups of 9 or more participants must be scheduled in advance.

Are you an Adult First-Timer?

Climbing is for Everyone!
Learn more about First-Timers for Adults!


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  • Inner Peaks requires all participants to have an completed E-WAIVER on file upon entering the facility and prior to entering the climbing areas.
  • ONLY a parent or court-appointed guardian may complete an E-WAIVER for a participant under the age of 18.
  • We regret that any participant under the age of 18 without an E-WAIVER completed by his/her parent or court-appointed guardian will not be permitted to participate and will be turned away.
  • We are PROHIBITED from making exceptions to this rule under any circumstances.