IDEAL TERRAIN: overhanging sport routes, bouldering and gym climbing


The Shaman is the winner of Editor's Choice awards from both Climbing Magazine and Urban Climber. It was developed from the ground up by Chris Sharma and incorporates exclusive technologies, unique materials, and a radical new last. The result of these elements is an ultra-high performance shoe with an amazing level of comfort, making it the top choice for many elite athletes.Microfiber lining in the forefoot for comfort and durability.

  • The "Love Bump" midsole puts your forefoot in a comfortable position of power and fills in the dead space behind your toes.
  • The "Knuckle Box" works in combination with the "Love Bump" to provide room for your big toe knuckle to stay in a position of power.
  • A third strap closure for added security and to create a sock like fit through the arch of your foot.


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