Ultra-light compact pear shaped carabiner

ATTACHE 3-D Carabiner

The original mini-HMS carabiner has been redesigned to be ultra-light. Through a series of scientific calculations the ATTACHE 3D has been reduced to a mere 55 g by removing all unnecessary material while maximizing strength. The 3D shape keeps the original ATTACHE versatility while reducing weight. The rope-bearing surfaces have been optimized to balance fluidity with a minimum of excess weight. Overall the ATTACH 3D combines the versatility of a mini-HMS carabiner in a compact, light frame for fast and light adventures.
• D frame is 31 % lighter and 15 % thinner
• Gru-V locking sleeve offers better grip
• Fluid gate design (Petzl patent) reduces the chance of slings or webbing catching on the gate or locking sleeve
• Keylock system offers ease of use with webbing and slings
• Available in SCREW-LOCK system only (with red lock indicator)


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