Our Amazing Team

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employee Doug at Inner Peaks Climbing & Fitness Charlotte NC

Doug Cosby: Owner

Doug has been climbing and teaching climbing for over 30 years. He has climbed dozens of 5.13 and hundreds of 5.12 climbs. In the early 90s he established over 50 first assents at the New River Gorge and discovered and spearheaded the development of the climbing at Summersville Lake. Although he is known as a sport climber he has actually spent far more days placing gear than clipping bolts. Doug was a founding and managing partner in Sportrock Climbing Centers in the Washington DC area. In 1997 he sold his share of that company and moved with his wife Page to Charlotte. They opened Inner Peaks the next year.

employee Page at Inner Peaks Climbing & Fitness Charlotte NC

Page Lee: Owner

Page has worked in the climbing gym industry for the past 15 years as a route setter, instructor and gym manager. Her personal climbing has focused on sport and competition, with accomplishments including 5.12 on-sights and a top-30 national competitive ranking.

Alonzo Cunningham: Matthews Manager
Favorite Crag Snack: Beef jerky, PB&J, & Sunflower seeds
Nathan Craft: Matthews Manager/ Assistant Head Coach
Favorite Crag Snack:

Karen Bakuzonis: Personnel Director Favorite Crag Snack: All the cheese and all the crackers
Sarah Ellingson: Marketing Coordinator
Favorite Crag Snack: Cold pasta with veggies & lots of nooch
Megan Cheek: Programs Manager
Favorite Crag Snack: Tuna & Tangerines
Kevin Spak: South End Gym Manager
Favorite crag snack: “String cheese and dad jokes”
Mike Harkins: Routesetting Director
Favorite Crag Snack: Avocados
Ryan Oglesby: Matthews Head Routesetter/Head Coach
Favorite Crag Snack: Coffee
Bethany Hansen: Summer Camp Coordinator Favorite Crag Snack: Lemon Lara Bars
Hannah Barker Routesetter
Emily Chapman: Assistant SE Manager