Our Amazing Team

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employee Doug at Inner Peaks Climbing & Fitness Charlotte NC

Doug Cosby: Owner

Doug has been climbing and teaching climbing for over 30 years. He has climbed dozens of 5.13 and hundreds of 5.12 climbs. In the early 90s he established over 50 first assents at the New River Gorge and discovered and spearheaded the development of the climbing at Summersville Lake. Although he is known as a sport climber he has actually spent far more days placing gear than clipping bolts. Doug was a founding and managing partner in Sportrock Climbing Centers in the Washington DC area. In 1997 he sold his share of that company and moved with his wife Page to Charlotte. They opened Inner Peaks the next year.

employee Page at Inner Peaks Climbing & Fitness Charlotte NC

Page Lee: Owner

Page has worked in the climbing gym industry for the past 15 years as a route setter, instructor and gym manager. Her personal climbing has focused on sport and competition, with accomplishments including 5.12 on-sights and a top-30 national competitive ranking.

Alonzo Cunningham: Southend Assistant Manager

One of the rare breeds from Charlotte, NC, Alonzo got into rock climbing in Hawaii after he was deployed from Afghanistan in 2013. He then moved back to Charlotte in 2015 where he found Inner Peaks and grew in the rock climbing world. He loves climbing out at Grandmother mountain.

Favorite Crag Snack: Beef jerky, PB&J, & Sunflower seeds

Anna Dedmon: Routesetter & Team Coach

Note Anna’s underbite in her childhood photo – she almost had to have her jaw broken to resolve her underbite. It somehow resolved on its own (yippee). Another fact about Anna, she has a thick boy, named Atlas, who is half great dane and half chocolate lab, who is frequently gallivanting around the gym and barking at members (occasionally). She has been climbing for 5 years.

Favorite Crag Snack: Dried mango & Trail mix with chocolate

Cedric Colby: Facilities Director

Hails from Irving, Texas. Crusher of all things vacuumey.

Favorite Crag Snack: Charcuterie

Chloe Chicola: Team Manager/ Routesetter

Chloe grew up in Jacksonville, FL, where she then studied physics at UNF before moving up to join us in Charlotte. She started climbing in 2015 and loves any and all sandstone bouldering. She’s psyched to introduce climbing to new members and grow the female climbing community. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing, music, anime, good food (fatty red meats are her favorite), and hanging out with her chocolate lab, Teddy, and her boyfriend.

Favorite Crag Snack: Ham & Cheese Sammie

Danielle Hausmann: Business Director

From Delaware (yes, it’s a state), she moved to Charlotte in 2008 to go to college, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Dance. She spent a few years teaching and performing and then found her passion for the outdoors. She has been psyched to grow as a climber and an outdoor enthusiast. She also enjoys being in the water, camping, hiking, playing sports and dancing.

Favorite Crag Snack: Ham & Cheese Sammie w/ BBQ chips

Fay Moyers: Matthews Assistant Manager

Fay was born in central Florida but has spent most of her life in Wilmington, NC. She got hooked on climbing in college, in 2009, and has climbed off and on over the years until starting at inner peaks in 2018 where she has really come to love, and prefer, lead climbing. She has a Bachelors degree in Environmental studies from UNC Wilmington. Fay has done a lot of teaching, team building, and customer service related things over her career thus far. She’s a creative person who gets a lot of joy from teaching people new skills and providing them with exceptional new experiences. She spends her time not climbing, working, or exercising making pottery at home.

Favorite Crag Snack: Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lena Estey: Personnel Director

Favorite Crag Snack: Uncrustables

Jourdan Hunsucker: Membership Manager

This sad cowgirl was introduced to IP & Climbing by her best friend and long time employee/residence of IP, a long three years ago. She may not be the best but she tries hard and keeps the psych high. Climbing has allowed that frown to turn upside down and even more so with the reasonable compensation that IP has to offer.

Favorite Crag Snack: Lightly Salted Almonds

Mike Harkins: Head Routesetter

Lord of the setters.

Favorite Crag Snack: Avocados

Miranda Harrison: Marketing Manager

Miranda moved to Charlotte after graduating with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Outdoor Leadership. She chose to pursue a career in the climbing industry because of her love for the amazing community it offers. She prefers pebble wrestling and her favorite crag (so far) is Joes Valley in Utah. You can usually find her frequenting local NC crags and Grayson Highlands in VA with her two chalk brush stealing dogs.

Favorite Crag Snack: Peanut Butter Oreos

Ryan Oglesby: Routesetter

He started climbing in Florida and has been climbing for six years. He lived on a sailboat for about a year and now is the crusher of all things.

Favorite Crag Snack: Coffee

Travis Jenkins: Routesetter

Started climbing in Alaska and has been climbing shy of a decade. He initially was a Trad climber and then made his way through each discipline and landed on bouldering. He now spends his free time bouldering and enjoying the company of our Marketing Manager.

Favorite Crag Snack: Energy Drinks

Wes Clarkson: Programs Manager

Originally from New Jersey, Wes came to Charlotte for college and has stayed since. He started climbing in 2016 and is always looking forward to the next adventure. Wes has been lucky enough to see some beautiful parts of the world including Southeast Asia, Scotland, and New Zealand. In 2010 Wes participated in a philanthropic cross-country cycling event, riding from Seattle to Washington DC in 75 days. He is currently a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and enjoys helping others learn how to stay active and healthy.

Favorite Crag Snack: GORP (good ole raisins & peanuts)