Equipment Rental

Need Gear? We’ll set you up!

If you don’t own your own climbing gear, we have most everything you could need for rent! If you are planning on doing any roped climbing and do not have your own gear, you will also need a harness for each climber and belayer (the person who controls the rope). At this time, we do not allow any minors under the age of 14 to belay, so if you are the adult^ with a group of children, you will also need a harness.

Please note, at this time we only rent climbing gear for use within our facility. We do not have rental gear for use with outdoor climbing.


• Harness — $5
• Climbing Shoes — $5
• Belay Device — $2
• Package Option: Harness/Shoes — $9
• Package Option: Harness/Shoes/Belay Device — $10
• Lead Rope — $5 ($3 for Members)
• Liquid Chalk available for sale — $1