Parties and Groups

Celebrating a birthday? Our staff-led climbing parties are great for both kids and adults! You will have your own Inner Peaks belayers for 1½ hours of supervised climbing, followed by 30 minutes in our party room (or you can skip the party room and just climb for 2 hours). All your guests receive a discounted return-visit coupon and the birthday person receives a birthday T-shirt!   

Inner Peaks maintains a 1:5 instructor to climber ratio.

Offered at our Matthews location only

For all groups please email: to request information.


Starts at $250 for up to 10 climbers  

Each additional climber over 10 = $15 

(min 5 climbers, max 20 climbers) 

$50 non-refundable deposit required at time of booking 

Must be booked > 2 weeks in advance 

Optional Party Add-ons

Matthews Schedule Options

Party room décor/paper goods

We’ll provide tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins & plasticware 

(Our party space is complimentary; includes tables, chairs, refrigerator and counter space


We can order pizza for your group at a discounted rate 

FRI: 4pm-6pm 
SAT: 12pm-5pm options
SUN: 12pm-5pm options

  ~ Contact Inner Peaks for weekday availability

*You must book your party for the largest number of guests you potentially might have. You can NOT increase the number of participants after booking but we can accommodate a decrease in your participant number.*

Mask Policy: UPDATE- Because of the recent mask mandate for everyone indoors; ALL PARTCIPANTS WILL NEED TO WEAR A MASK IN OUR BUILDING AT ALL TIMES. All parties will not be allowed to bring any food or eat/drink in the party space at this time.

Inner Peaks

Inner Peaks will be requiring our birthday party participants to wear masks while in the gym, as per CDC & NC Dept of Health recommendations. We are requiring masks for all our programs, which includes groups and birthday parties. Our staff will wear masks for the duration of the party.

To clarify, participants do not need to keep their masks on while in the party space.

We still strongly encourage everyone to continue to wear a mask until they are fully vaccinated per CDC and NCDHHS guidance. 

Please discuss with your child and your group whether you wish for them to continue masking while in the gym.

All of Inner Peaks staff who teach or coach are fully vaccinated. 

If you wish to require your group participants to wear masks, we ask that this be required of everyone.  If you require your group participants to wear masks, your instructors will as well.

After your program you will have time reserved for you in our party room.   Inner Peaks staff will NOT enter the party room with you and your group. 

Please note that this policy is subject to change as we receive further guidance or mandates from the State.


  • Inner Peaks requires all participants to have an completed e-waiver on file upon entering the facility and prior to entering the climbing areas.
  • ONLY a parent or court-appointed guardian may complete an e-waiver for a participant under the age of 18.
  • We regret that any participant under the age of 18 without an e-waiver completed by his/her parent or court-appointed guardian will not be permitted to participate and will be turned away.
  • We are PROHIBITED from making exceptions to this rule under any circumstances.
  • Please complete e-WAIVER in Participant’s name.